KaarCloud - Bare Metal
Bare Metal

Apart from the traditional Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service, there is another form of cloud service, namely – Bare Metal. It is particularly for those enterprises and customers who demand more- more control, more access to hardware, more performance, and the ability to pick their own operating environment. As the name indicates, Bare Metal does not provide any software, It's just the CPU's, servers, memory and storage. Customers get full access to the hardware as well as the freedom to run any custom operating systems on top of it. One major advantage of Bare metal is that workflows and processes need not be changed.
With bare metal cloud, all the resources of physical servers are dedicated to a single user and can offer better performance than a comparable virtualized server. It can also include as proprietary devices such as storage, load balancers, or firewalls. Hence, no hypervisor layer is needed, as the resources are not being shared. This allows more of the server’s processing power to be allocated to the application.

Benefits of Bare Metal

  • Customization and Flexibility: One of the major benefits of bare-metal cloud is the flexibility it provides. Businesses can customize a bare-metal cloud based to meet their unique requirements and troubleshoot applications without having to worry about neighbouring virtual machines

  • Cost effective: It is cheaper than a public cloud environment. If your platform has a predictable workload, a private bare metal cloud environment will give you cheaper, fixed costs.

  • Control: There is complete control over the specification of the physical environment, which can be used to fully customise the environment and yield performance gains for the platform.

  • Security: Another important benefit of bare metal is security. The potential of breaking regulatory compliance in a multitenant environment was the main reason why security-sensitive organizations were originally reluctant to move their data to the cloud. With bare-metal servers, it is possible to implement physical segregation of resources.

  • Improved Performance: With bare metal servers, customers can get greater processing power and input/output operations per second (IOPS), More consistent disk and network I/O performance