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Professional Services

Cloud computing is fast becoming the most essential element of any enterprise. The benefits of cloud are well established. But, migrating to the cloud is not a simple and straightforward journey. There are several aspects that need to be considered, few of them being, proper assessment of the existing system, readiness to migrate to cloud, right strategy and an extensive roadmap. At KaarCloud, we have expert cloud consultants to assess the readiness and formulate an appropriate roadmap to alleviate your journey to the cloud. KaarCloud identifies the technology and business drivers best suited for your enterprise.

KaarCloud Professional Service offerings

  • S/4HANA Migration Strategy: It has become an absolutely necessary to move to SAP's new generation ERP. However, organizations are concerned about the effort, resources and duration required to carry out this transition. With 15+ S/4 HANA projects and over 100 certified consultants, KaarCloud can help you in this endeavour.

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment: KaarCloud identify and assess parameters such as workload of the existing systems, timelines, development models and device a roadmap for cloud adoption.

  • Cloud Suitability of Assets: KaarCloud determine which business and IT assets are most suited for cloud migration and identify business‑relevant cloud services.

  • Cloud Migration: KaarCloud provide our expertise to migrate from a low resulting cloud implementation to more cost effective and performance enriched solution.

  • Cloud Service Commercialization: KaarCloud craft a revenue generation model for cloud services, evaluate cloud ROI and choose the right cloud platform and deployment model.