KaarCloud - FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions

KaarCloud is an Enterprise Cloud Computing Service with all the tools required for hosting and managing complex SAP Workloads. Our Decade-long SAP expertise and Best in Class Infrastructure Services makes us a trusted partner in delivering IaaS and Managed Services.
KaarCloud has been aiding enterprises to move to the cloud for quite some time now. Usually, we can migrate a Client's on-premise servers to the cloud in approximately 30 days.
KaarCloud can host a wide range of databases including HANA, Oracle, Sybase, and MySQL. Also, we can support various operating systems like Windows and all the Linux distros (RHEL, UBUNTU, SUSE etc)
A Disaster Recovery Site is an alternative backup facility, that is used when the primary site becomes unusable becomes unusable, owing to a failure or disaster. Yes, KaarCloud can be used as a DR site. The data can be replicated both synchronously and asynchronously.
A load balancer is a device that distributes network or application traffic across a cluster of servers. In KaarCloud, you can use TCP, UDP and HTTP load balancing. This improves responsiveness and increases the availability of applications.
Most Solutions on KaarCloud uses a Bring your own Software and Bring your own License model for database. Customers can bring in their existing licenses & manage them through KaarCloud.