KaarCloud - End User Device Management
End User Device Management

How do you manage several devices, applications, data, and platforms across oceans while meeting security, compliance, and regulatory standards? It is indeed becoming a complex and daunting task, due to the growing proliferation of devices and technology platforms. It poses a significant risk to your organization’s security if you don’t have an appropriate strategy in place.
Here at KaarCloud, we aspire to provide you a secure, manageable and strategically planned End-User Device management system. User logins, access permissions, rules and regulations are monitored 24/7. In addition, We test for breaches and virus attacks while you are free to experience remote access to work files. We ensure that your devices are secured with the latest antivirus definition anti-malware software, while enforcing authentication and log management policies.

Benefits of Managing End-User Devices

  • User Productivity is enhanced.
  • The number and types of new devices that enter the organization is monitored
  • Access policies, privileges and security policies are managed in a consistent fashion
  • Uniform approach for the management of devices, operating systems, patches updates
  • Overall level of security is improved through the timely deployment of critical patches

What KaarCloud provides you in terms of EUD

  • Device Management: Desktops, laptops, IP phones, Wi-Fi devices, Access Control Systems, Commercial displays, Video conferencing devices and Printer management etc

  • Monitoring: Monitoring, alert management and security breach identification & mitigation for all deployed and connected devices etc

  • Extensive Security Protection: Latest antivirus definitions, Anti malware software, Authentication and log management policies etc

  • Patch Management: Scan, Test & Automated the Patch deployment process etc

  • User Policy Management: Authentication mechanism, session log-out, External storage device restrictions etc

  • Multi-Tiered Technical support: Multi-tiered support system for best possible service in the most efficient manner etc