KaarCloud - Intelligent Private and Hybrid Cloud for SAP in-memory Solutions

Enterprise Cloud Computing Service
for hosting & managing complex
SAP workloads

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A Business Conglomerate with 36 entities saved 40% of their SAP infrastructure cost with

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Why is KaarCloud preferred for hosting & managing SAP workloads?

  • Decade long SAP system integration expertise
  • Purpose built Infrastructure for enterprise customers
  • Flexible Deployment options
  • Ability to scale up to larger databases
  • Access to higher performance technology
  • Enhanced speed, flexibility and agility
  • Improved Process optimization
  • Reduced costs
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KaarCloud Features

What makes KaarCloud unique for SAP work loads?

  • 10000+ Connected Enterprise users, 15 Million ERP transactions
  • Integrated SAP Basis Managed Services
  • Application Stack level SLA
  • Redundant Compute, Network and Storage
  • Geo Redundant Back-up policies
  • Guaranteed Business driven RTO & RPO
  • 24/7 support
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